Welcome to Gator Oil

Welcome to the home of the Gator Oil natural skin balm, a gentle skin balm that can be used on skin of all ages. Alligator oil has long been used for centuries to fight off infection and speed the repair of damaged skin. These reptillians have one of the strongest immune systems of any animal, despite the wounds they inflict on each other their wounds rarely get infected and heal extremely quickly.

The unique properties of this balm helps put back nourishment and moisture into dull, dry, aged, itchy, irritated, cracked rough skin caused by the harmful effects of environmental elements.

Our Alligator Oil has been Molecularly Distilled (Myer, Pilot 15 Distiller) to refine and preserve all the natural goodness of the oil. This processing method improves quality and removes any unwanted negative elements in the oil. Making a pure and an effective oil without compromising any of the benefits.


The pure choice for your skin

  • No chemicals, perfumes or additives
  • Anti Wrinkle (thickens and plumps up the skin making wrinkles less obvious)
  • Non-Comedogenic (does not block pores)
  • Transdermally Conductive (penetrates skin)
  • Highly Penetrative
  • Rich in Omega’s – 3, 6 and 9
  • Gentle for all skin types